Biotricity – Bacteria Time
Electronic clock powered by bacteria fuel cells (MFC). Time lapse video.

Installation Biotricity - Bacteria Time consists of several "mud batteries," with each battery producing about half a volt of electricity. The "mud batteries" are connected in a circuit to power a digital clock. As electricity is generated by living microorganisms, and as the artists have revealed that energy fluctuates, electricity flows to the clock unevenly - sometimes producing more electricity, sometimes generating insufficient amount. Consequently, the clock shows the time according to bacteria activity. The installation is complemented by a video of "bacteria battery" outdoor experiments in the pond of Riga Botanical garden (2014-2015). In this time-lapse video time is "compressed" - the 10- minute video features seven-months of environmental footage and electrical flow data from summer to spring.






In the permanent collection of the Futurium museum, Berlin. 2019