Online interface, digital prints

The Renewable Network Map visualises a network of artists and art practices which are focusing on ecological and sustainability issues. It maps projects, people and fields, as well as their interrelations and connections in a time period from 2006 to 2012. (flash plugin required)


Since 2009 the artists collective RIXC has worked in cross-fields of art and renewable energy by addressing sustainability issues and initiating of a series of events and co-projects, in a result of which new Baltic Nordic cooperation platform – the Network for Art and Renewable Energy Technologies (Renewable Network) was launched. RENEWABLE NETWORK interface is designed to make artistic interventions in this field visible to a wider public and to encourage collaborative research for the further mapping of projects, people, and ecological strategies toward a sustainable future.
The Renewable Network Interface draws on the potential of joint and collaborative action in a globally networked society. It maps projects, people and fields, their interrelations, connections and overlapping as well as explores the intersection between information networks and alternative energy systems from the perspective of sustainability.

Credits: RIXC – production; Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits – artistic concept, visualisation, graphics; Janis Garancs – programming.



Gateways, House of Electronic Arts Basel, Basel, Switzerland , May – August 2012

Techno-Ecologies, kim?, Riga, Latvia, November – December 2011

Gateways, KUMU, Tallinn, Estonia, May – September 2011

Pixelache festival, Helsinki, Finland, March 2011