Swamp Radio

Project takes a challenge to give a voice to many those unheard, and invisible. In a time when our planet is threatened by climate change, real and hybrid wars, the swamps represent contemporary oasis. These vast wetlands with their ancient ecosystems are like time-capsules. Yet swamps are also key players for serving variety of ecological services for our modern society.

Swamps contain dormant resources and myriad other species, with whom we share life on this planet. Escaping from intensive agriculture, these wetlands contain enormous biodiversity. Swamps are inhabited by numerous of plant and animal species, and various communities of living micro-organisms.


Swamp Radio gets beyond our anthropocenic reality, and maintains connections between the humans and other species. By artistic interventions and transmitting interfaces, the Swamp Radio is turned into a social media megaphone for invisible and inaudible actors of nature. The artists are installing microbial fuel cells, environmental monitoring sensors and transmitting devices to transform the swamps into dynamic power plants and the 21st century multi-voiced broadcast media.



Research in Tidmarsh and Kemeri bog

In Spring 2018 Swamp Radio will be expanding its activities in Boston area. The artists Smite and Smits together with their students at MIT ACT will be exploring the marshes and water reservoirs in Boston area, collaborating with Tidmarsh Living Observatory and making field recordings and collecting data from the marshland ecosystems. The collaborative sound interpretations will be created as a part of the Sound class - EXPANDED FIELD RADIO AND ACOUSTIC IMMERSIONS, and presented in the programme of CAVS 50th anniversary in the MIT in April 2018, and in the public program at Harvard Art Museum in May 2018.



Manifestation at Venice Architecture Biennale

Live manifestation of Swamp Radio will take place in Venice, May 21 – 27, 2018. Venice event will be involving various international sound artists, as well as the invisible actors of nature, living in the wetlands of Venice. Live transmission platform and outdoor installation will be set up in Venice in collaboration with MIT ACT and Lithuanian National Pavillion. Swamp Radio in Venice will facilitate artistic interventions, live transmission, sound art performances, field recording sessions, workshops, lectures and artist presentations. Swamp Radio also will also feature presentation and seminar hosted by ECODATA research project by FHNW, Basel, Switzerland.



Ars Electronica Festival, September 2018

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cambridge, US, April 2018

Venice Architecture Biennale, The Swamp School, II Giardino Bianco Art Space, May – November 2018